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    data push from logger to server URL


    I have a data logger (electrical meter for a building) that is capable of pushing data to a server URL. The technical documents state that the logger uses HTML POST and it will transmit the data in XML format.

    I have a Python script that I want try and use that will parse the data from XML to CSV, but I dont know what I need to do on the server to make it ready to accept the HTML POST.

    Do I need to setup the server as an HTML server? Any recommendations for this would be greatly appreciated...

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    you'll need to set up a consumer for the XML, beit an application or a webserver

    install wamp or lamp stack, configure the data logger to divert to your PC, eg http://192.168.1.x/datalogger.php,

    The python reference is handy to have but there's other XML->CSV scripts out there
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