I am having trouble with an IIS7.5 site incorrectly forwarding to the wrong IP address. I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but can't figure it out.

Here is my setup:
xxx.xxx.xxx.001 - main IP, runs a sharepoint site and some other stuff
xxx.xxx.xxx.002 - Runs a Tomcat java servlet
xxx.xxx.xxx.003 - I want to use this IP for a separate iis site serving simple web content

In DNS, i have A records like the following
sharepoint --> xxx.001
tomcat --> xxx.002
web --> xxx.003

In the Web Server, I then have Sites created for Sharepoint, with http bindings to .001, a site for Tomcat binding to .002 with an HTTP redirect to send top-level URL requests to the right application subdirectory, and a site binding to .003 with a host header value the same as the subdomain.

sharepoint and tomcat work as expected. But when I point a browser to the web URL, I end up at the same site as tomcat. Checking with Net Monitor, the incoming GET request to .003 is sending back an HTTP 302 that ends up back at .002

The web site at .003 in IIS does not have an HTTP redirect defined for it, and has no URL Rewrite rules or anything weird - I just created it from scratch. I have checked the bindings on the tomcat site and there is no reference to the .003 IP, nor is there any reference to it in the tomcat config files.

Any idea where this phantom 302 redirect is coming from? I have tried switching IP's (to .004, for instance) with the same effect.