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    Sql server-IIS-Android app

    Hi, im not sure if this is the right place to post this but im working on a project and basically I have a server running some mat-lab algorithms and storing data into a 2008 ms sql table. What I need to do is make the data available to my android app. I have a IIS server at my disposal so I figured i would use it. I'm by all means a newbie to this area and have no idea where to start or if this is even a good way to go about doing this. In a sense i just need to access my data remotely from my android app.

    If anyone has any useful info ie tutorials/advice or a push in the right direction if im going about this the wrong way, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you want to use IIS you'll need to build a web serice of sorts that your android app can connect to (over HTTP) to retrieve data. You could do this most easily using ASP.NET or PHP.

    If you'd rather use Java, you could build a web service with JSP instead, although I don't know if you can use JSP with IIS.

    Building a web service isn't the only approach - you could build a custom internet service for it - but since HTTP servers and libraries are widely available, very mature and very scalable, it makes a lot of sense to use them.

    You could potentially give you android application direct access to your database (using a read only account of course), but I recommend building a serice to sit between your database and your android app.

    It really boils down to what languages and technologies you know. Since you're building an android app I assume you know Java already, so that may be the route you want to go.

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