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    W3wp-processes is consuming an extreme amount of memory

    Hello IIS experts,

    I have a Windows Server 2003 Web Edition with SP2 running mutiple sites (shared hosting). The memory usage for all the w3wp.exe processes is overloading the server and the pagefile indeed. I have configured automatic recycling ("Recycle worker processes (in minutes)" is set to 3600), but it does not seem to work.

    As new members cant post links/URLS in new posts, please insert a . instead of DOT in all my screenshot-links.

    This is a screenshot of the current processes sorted by memory usage:

    Screenshot of the performance tab:

    So i need to match PID with the corresponding Application Pool to monitor which AppPools that are killing my server.

    I've tried the following:
    1) Use cscript iisapp.vbs to get a list of all the Worker processes.
    Result: "Could not create an instance of the CmdLib object.
    Please register the Microsoft.CmdLib component."

    So the CmdLib needs to be registered:

    2) I ran the "C:\WINDOWS\system32>regsvr32 cmdlib.wsc" command.
    Result: Succeeded! (yeah right..)
    Screenshot: testrupDOTcom/cmdlib.PNG

    3) Ran the cscript iisapp.vbs again, but i get the same CmdLib error again.

    Now i'm stuck! Is there any other way to register the cmdlib? Or maybe use a third party program to match PID with Application Pool?

    I have even tried to use procmon.exe and excluded all other processes than w3wp.exe, but with no usable result.

    Any ideas, guys? Of course the iisreset-command will kill all the w3wp-processes but that is not supposed to be the final solution. Most of all, because the w3wp-processes is consuming a lot of memory very quickly again.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Best regards and thanks on advance,
    Simon Testrup
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    It sounds like you have a memory leak - or atleast i think thats what I have too as the symptoms are v similar. Instead of using cscript, if you can, stop all the app pools apart from the one running the problematic code, then there will be only 1 w3wp.exe running, so no need to ID which one by the Task Manager PID! I know its not really a solution, but i couldnt get cscript to run locally (but it would on the win 2k3 server w/ IIS 5 and I have Vista and IIS 6) but it did work...


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