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    IIS 5 to IIS6

    Hi - we are moving a large set of websites from Server 2000 to 2003. Our sites use a seperate DB server - so there is no difference in the DB. We have IIS 5 running on the Server 2000 box.

    In server 2003 we set the sites up under 1 default website and each site is out a directory for instance We have about 600 of these retailer sites. We identified our top 75 retailers - based on amount of users and work and db load and put each of these sites in their own App Pool under IIS 6 on the new server.

    We can not do web gardens as we use sessions not stored in DB. So we have about 75 app pools - each site is classic ASP with some .Net modules. Each .Net module runs under it's own App Pool - There is only 1 of each of the .Net modules where there is actually 600 different sets of code for each retailer). IN all we have about 75 app pools.

    We have the app pools set to recycle at 1 am each day so we have minimal traffic (We have MTA turned on as well) When we switch from Server 2000 to 2003 we simply make a firewall change so the traffic routes to the new server. (So no change in DB since it's a different server.)

    As soon as we switch to new server and there is a user load we start seeing response performance issues.
    CPU never gets over 40% and there doesn't appear to be any process running out of control. The DB useage is the same as if we were running on the server 2000 web server.

    So what is the issue. We have users all of a sudden start getting SQL Server cannot be accessed errors. They F5 and it will load - just slowly. The SQL server can be accessed but it's like the process is being locked out accessing the DB server.

    Why would IIS 6 react so different and be so much slower. The I/O reads aren't crazy out of control - there is no red flag going up, other than the sites start crawling slow, and sometimes - just randomly the SQL Server cannot be accessed.

    There seems to be no rhymn of reason to the issue. PLEASE HELP! WE are really down to running out of ideas on why a server 2000 box with less resources is functioning so much better than our bigger 2003 box.
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    You should format your text with some line breaks and paragraphs. I found it too difficult to read.
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