I have the following function running in a webservice:

<WebMethod()> _
 Public Function Mobile_ReturnDataset_New(ByVal UDID As String, ByVal DeviceID As String, ByVal Passkey As String, ByVal LastRev As String) As DataSet
                Dim dsDemoData As DataSet = New DataSet
                dsDemoData = GetDataset("exec pr_wsSelectMobileDemo '" & Passkey.Trim & "','" & UDID.Trim & "'")
                UpdateAuditLog(Passkey, UDID, LastRev, "Demo")
                Return dsDemoData

        Catch ex As Exception
            Dim ds As DataSet = New DataSet
            ds = ErrorMsg("System Error: " & Replace(Replace(ex.Message.ToString, "'", " "), Chr(39), " "))
            Return ds
        End Try

    End Function
This method is used by an iPhone app. The developers who are writing the iPhone app have asked me to implement G ZIP compression. I researched this and found some articles saying that you can set this up in IIS 6. So I went to IIS and did the following.

1. Right Click on "Web Sites"
2. Clicked "Properties"
3. Clicked "Services"
4. Under "HTTP Compression" I checked "Compress application files" and "Compress static files"

Then I pressed "Ok".

But this didn't seem to have any effect. The method returned the raw XML, no compression.

I restarted the IIS server and that didn't have any effect.

I rewrote the method to return a compressed Byte array, but the developers preferred that we do the compression at the server level.

Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong here?

Thanks In advance.