Hi all,

i have httphandler (which is devloped using .net framework 4.0) hosted in iis6 , when one of mobile client (mobile with 128 bit) is sending the data using IPV6 to the http handler its not passing to it .

Note: the same client (mobile with 32 bit ) is able to send the data to httphandler, to cross verify i have installed wireshark on it , iam able to see the data in wireshark (for both mobile client data having ipv4 and ipv6 which they are sending to httphandler), but that data is passing to httphandler for ipv4 only .

any clue what we have to do in any settings of iis .

details :

Server :windows server 2003

Framework :.Net 4.0


Httphandler : developed using .net framework 4.0