Audio files play and download properly in iOS 8.* on my website except for those accessed via a simple cgi login. The relevant page source code is identical on both kinds of pages, public and private. In iOS 7 (and previous) there was no problem, all worked flawlessly whether behind a login or not. A typical sample of the code is shown below. Any help would be appreciated.

<img src="a/img/spkr.gif" alt="" width="8" height="8" />
<a href="a/mp3s/Maya.mp3" target="_blank" title="Time 27 min :: Size 6.4 MB">Play Now</a> 
<img src="a/img/arrw.gif" alt="" width="11" height="8" />
<a href="a/mp3s/talks.php?audio=Maya.mp3&amp;action=download" title="Time 27 min :: Size 6.4 MB">Download</a><br>