I am a Web Developer. Experienced in PHP, OOP and the like. Have been learning Objective C, the XCode IDE and the iOS Framework. Read a book, built some examples, etc. Feeling pretty good about it.


Stuck on a few concepts. Specifically views and multiviews. Hoping someone could provide some insight, or some advanced tutorials.

I am trying to setup a Window based application, which switches between views via a Tab Bar Controller. I have this setup and it is working fine. I would now like the first tab to have a Nav Bar Controller with a Table list inside of it for displaying data, which will navigate through some hierarchal data. This is where I am stuck. What are the concepts/methods for creating complex views such as this?

I have started to set up the Nav Bar View similar to the Tab Bar View, but it isn't working as expected. I am finding that I am creating a lot of .h, .m and .xib files which don't contain much info.

I am also wondering about setting up multiple view controllers within 1 Window or View. Using the IB, could I not drag multiple View Controllers into one Window and create methods for switching them? I feel like this is a better route.

Sorry for the long window post. Thank you for any input.