This is driving me bonkers lol. My development certificate has expired with apple and for some reason nothing I do will allow development pushes again. I wouldn't care except that eventually I'm going to need to redo the distribution one as well, and would like to know how to do it ahead of time.

I follow all the tutorials online, create certificate, upload to apple (using safari), download .cer, install in keychain. I've tried exporting both together, exporting just the key, and exporting just the certificate.

I've tried exporting both separately then converting them to .pems in terminal, and then merging them into one.

The old development.pem filesize was around 4000-4200 KB. When i use them merged it's like 1600 kb. If i export the two together it's like 8000 kb. When i export just the certificate from keychain and then do the terminal conversion to .pem

openssl pkcs12 -in development.p12 -out development.pem -nodes -clcerts


openssl pkcs12 -clcerts -nokeys -out development.pem -in development.p12

Tried both of those, i get around the right file size 4200 kb. Development pushes worked fine before, but once they expired I got a slew of SSL errors. With both of these, i get no errors but the pushes just don't go through.

Somebody please help me here : ), or at least point me in the right direction. I didn't know exactly what category to post in because there is nothing specific to push notifications.