Hey, I have a problem with a script I'm trying to write. I have a message board that uses PHP. And I currently have it set up so that users can add links in their own code, but I would like to set it up somehow where can they can click on "Add a link" and then it prompts them for the url, then the text it should be anchored to. I can get this to work by calling having "add a link" call a function that stores the current value of the textarea as a variable, then adds the code for the link to it, and replaces the value in the textarea again. But I have to call the "prompt()" function twice, and it looks kinda cheesy. I was wondering if there is a way I can make some sort of advanced "prompt" that has two inputs, or if I could do this by opening a new window with a little form, and on submit it would send its information to the original window, and close itself (without refreshing the original). If you guys can help me with this code I'd appreciate it. Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way and should be doing it different? Let me know, thanks,