I want to start as junior in Java in a company but they ask me to present them some tasks that ensures that i am more than a junior.they offer me a task to create a Swing Gui with buttons and stuff.I have already a good knowledge of Java from University and some projects.
But on the way to create the logic and after a button stayed stacked i have learn about SwingWorker (because i have to do a task that runs in back) it was very interesting.
So my questions is so that i can present them some kinds of task i would like to ask you people.
What are the most common tasks that you do in work in coding.Example build a table and fill it with data and enable the right click (i have already done something like that they want more). What do you think that it would be good for me to present them and also that i learn something more for the future and so that i get the job.
Please just write only ideas or if you have working Experience what kind of tasks to do.Swing,Spring, JSP ,struts it doesn't matter all i will try and learn them them and i want the job.
All ideas suggestions are welcome.