Greetings, everyone!

I am trying to put together a little embedded system for use on a model railroad, to controll a grade crossing.

The first version used a Raspberry Pi, and was written i Python, but this did not have the ability to generate PWM-fading of lights in code, and that instead had to be done using discrete electronics.

Now I'm trying to utilize a CHIP (, and to write the time-critical code in Java, to get around the GIL-obstacles of Python. This approach, however has two major hurdles:
  1. There is very little support documentation on the CHIP
  2. Since I am not as familliar with Java, I would really benefit from access to similar code

The first point means that there will be a lot of experimentation, e.g. to figure out the exact addresses of the different I/O-pins.
The second point is more problematic - there are several examples of such code written for the RPi (e.g. using the Pi4J library), but none that I can find for the CHIP, and I am not sure if the RPi ones port well to the CHIP platform.

I therefore ask You the forum collective if You know of any repositories/libraries/open source programs that might be helpful.
If there are no good servo libraries, I can attempt to complete that particular task using general PWM code, just as I hope to do for the LEDs, but I do not currently have access to such code.

Any and all help and suggestions are greatfully accepted,