I have tried a few javascripts that popup a calendar and allow you to pick a date.

I would like to use one simmilar to what they use on http://www.expedia.com

I downloaded their calendar.js but am having problems making it work.

I the href below I'm not sure what document.Wiz.dimg1 and date1 refer to...

<A href="javascript:ShowCalendar(document.Wiz.dimg1,document.Wiz.date1,null, '4/12/2002', '3/8/2003')" onclick=event.cancelBubble=true;><IMG align=top border=0 height=21 id=dimg1 src="/daily/home/images/calendar.gif" style="POSITION: relative" width=34></A>

Would anyone know how to get this working ? or know of a simillar date picker ?