He Everyone

As the title says I've got a project to create a stand alone Information Query System. I can use following Java libraries to help me JCF, Java 1.6 and J2SDK6 also I should use ADTs. The data is given to me line by line in a Excel file about 41 thousand lines, each line as 4 parts which are separated by a forward slash e.g. (/) such as postcode (which has space between the code e.g. B1 4NX, x coordinate, y coordinate, wardname . The specification for the application is as followed:

How long the application take to initialize ? (Should be short as possible, I should capture how hold the takes)
How long it take to process each user query ? (So I need to capture how long each query takes to process)
Must have easy to use Text-based User Interface, must be compatible and executable by J2SDK6 under command line prompt, without the use of Eclipse or any other IDEs.
The user can query different things about the application such as based on the first part of the post code search the relevant wardnames, based on post code the relevant x and y and more
Im trying to figure out what the best way to design such a system using Java I firstly need to create a detailed UML diagram with all the relevant fields and methods before coding.