Hello I am trying to do all of the programs in the book that I am reading (which is Java Illuminated third edition). I am in the 8th chapter doing the end of chapter programs and I am really confused about this program. The program is a syntax checking class for HTML code. The part that I am having trouble understanding is the very beginning where the book is giving the instructions for the constructor method.

"Write a class encapsulating that concept, including the following methods:

A constructor with one parameter, an array of words in the HTML sentence, your only instance variable. Your constructor should then get user input from the console for that same number of words and store them in an array of Strings, your only data member."

The thing I do not understand is why would I pass an array of Html elements to the constructor if I am just going to get input from the console to fill the class instance array. I mean if I am going to have the user give me the Html, then what is the array that was passed to the constructor for? Also I am not familiar with the way the book is talking about Html, because I have never heard of an Html sentence, is that just something like <title></title> or is it the stuff between the Html elements.

Maybe I am missing something really simple here, but I would really appreciate some help understanding the instructions.