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    [Help] OOP project

    Design an electric bill that will input the account no of the customer as well as the customer type either residential or
    business including the input of their basic service connection and the no of kilowatts per hour

    to compute the total ammount of bill consumption of the month is

    * no of kilowatt/ hr or basic service
    * connection + miscellaneous fee the miscellaneous fee shall base the classification of the customer of their business
    or residential for residential miscellaneous fee shall equivalent to piso (1) and business customer shall equivalent to additional
    450 php Display the account no. and the total amount due

    " flow chart and algorithm and program

    FB leslieann.perez.144
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    So, what is the issue you are having? Is there something specific that you don't understand?

    If you are having trouble getting started ask yourself these questions:
    - What information do I need to capture?
    - What are the nouns that could become my objects?
    - What data do I need to perform my calculations?
    - Once you have decided all the data you need categorize it by who it belongs do.

    Here is an example:
    There is a mailman delivering mail to peoples houses. He picks up the mail in the morning and delivers it throughout the day. The mailman delivers at a rate of 10 pieces of mail per hour (he's a slow mailman). You should be able to calculate how much mail has been delivered and how much remains based on the current time.

    Let's ask ourselves these questions outlined about.
    What information do I need to capture?
    - 10 pieces of mail delivered per hour
    - amount of mail the mailman has at the start of his shift
    - time the mailman starts delivering mail
    - time the mailman stops delivering mail
    - name of the mailman? Just to uniquely identify him

    What are the nouns that can become my objects?
    - Mailman

    What data do I need to perform my calculations?
    - number of pieces of mail delivered per hour
    - amount of mail at beginning of shift
    - time mailman began his shift

    Categorize Data
    - Everything is about a Mailman. So, lets put it all inside a mailman class.
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    Do your homework

    Try to work it out yourself first. Then, tell us where you are stuck and we will help you.

    If your application uses a database, then it is always better to gather the requirements, and then reason out the model of your application (the objects and their relationships). Once you get that ready, DB design is a handy entry point for you to start working out your application.

    Design your classes and organise them based on the roles, responsibilities, types or whatsoever relationships using the objects you identified from the problem statement through requirements analysis before this. Then, reason out the logical flow of your application and if necessary, use diagrams such as state chart diagrams, sequence diagrams etc to help you understand your application design better.

    Once you have completed the design of you application to address the problem statement, start writing codes to translate your model into source codes. Perform unit tests against each part of your application/subsystems to make sure they work the way you expected them to. Finally, document your masterpiece and submit to your teacher/lecturer in charge.
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