So, I know this is likely going to sound stupid to many people here, but I'm having an issue where I just can't wrap my head around the concept of classes and why they're used the way they are, and how to effectively use them.

For instance, I know that each class should do something specific, and do it well, kind of like Methods. I know why you would do that with Methods, but classes just don't make much sense to me. I know that I'm creating unique classes that hold certain information, I just don't know why or how that helps me.

I've tried to read some things online, but I'm still unable to really make sense of why I'm doing it, and it's really hurting my ability to move on and utilize them to their full potential. I'm usually a pretty quick learner, but this is just something that I'm not grasping for some reason.

Can anyone give me a simple explanation for classes, or a good resource that goes through classes and what they're useful for, and why I should be using so many? I'm not new to programming itself, I have experience with php, but I've never really messed with classes, so they've got me stumped. I figured I should just swallow my pride and ask someone.