I am a little rusty haven't done this in almost a year. But, I am just returning a list of objects from a database result, the number of results are returning correct, however, it's just giving me a repeat of the first result when I display my jsp.

Can you please check my work below and help me spot where the problem is?

Thanks so much

Here is my database query:

public List<Checklist[]> getChecklist(String employid) throws PortletException {
		List<Checklist[]> result = null;
		if(employid == null){
			throw new PortletException("Programming error: getChecklist called with null parameter");
			result = getHibernateTemplate().find("from Checklist where employid = '" + employid + "' order by requirement"); 	
		        //size here is outputting correctly
			System.out.println("Size:" + result.size());
		}catch (HibernateException ex) {
			throw convertHibernateAccessException(ex);
		return result;
Here is the relevant part of the Controller:
	public String mainView(Model model, RenderRequest request) 
		throws PortletException {
		List<Checklist[]> checklists;
                //calls function from above
		checklists = checklistStore.getChecklist(userid);
		return "view";
Here is my view.jsp:

<c:forEach items="${checklists}" var="item" varStatus="status">

Here is my object:

public class Checklist implements Serializable{
	private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
	private String employid;
	private String lastname;
	private String firstname;
	private String requirement;
	private String status;
	private String office;
	public String getEmployid(){
		return employid;
	public void setEmployid(String employid){
		this.employid = employid;
	public String getLastname(){
		return lastname;

	public void setLastname(String lastname){
		this.lastname = lastname;
	public String getFirstname(){
		return firstname;
	public void setFirstname(String firstname){
		this.firstname = firstname;
	public String getRequirement(){
		return requirement;
	public void setRequirement(String requirement){
		this.requirement = requirement;
	public String getStatus(){
		return status;
	public void setStatus(String status){
		this.status = status;
	public String getOffice(){
		return office;
	public void setOffice(String office){
		this.office = office;