As some of you know there is no true way to lock a PDF from being edited. I want to make it hard for the buyer to remove their name from the Plantiff filed.
Since I cannot lock my PDF I want to make it hard to edit by locking/protective scripts hidden in the PDF itself. This lock could be partially configured (on/off) on the last page of the pdf that will be deleted just before selling so that I can edit if needed.

It does not have to be done this way but it has to obtain the desired effect.

Any suggestions?


My PDF needs document level scripts to work.

This code will also contain two trigger scripts. One to detect changes in afield another to detect added fields. It will look for changes to the Plaintiff field. If they can't change it, they will try to leave it but add another field to pull their new plaintiff value from, but this will trigger the second script because the number of fields has now changed.

I want to obfuscate those scripts in among 50 similar but long and drawn out document level inert scripts. Inert as in meaningless. These scripts will be named with lIlIlIlI copied in Ariel font so they appear as the same but are actually lIlIlIlI

Using /* something */ 25 lines long.

To add to the time consuming complexity. Also turning them into machine code so they actually have to copy/paste and decipher each page

This will mean that the thief will have to do more than just unlock it. They will also have to decipher and then search the java-script to remove the trigger code. Which your average lazy thief won't do.