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    Java.lang.Character cannot be cast to java.lang.String

    java.lang.Character cannot be cast to java.lang.String

    what does it mean? which type of char cannot be cast to string? i was trying to cast maths operators (chars * / + -) to string, and i got that exception, cannot understand WHY!!!
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    You can use the toString() method to convert a Character into a String.

    You can't cast it because java.lang.Character doesn't inherit from java.lang.String.
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    Another way to look at it.
    A char is a primitive like an int or a byte.
    A String is an object.
    The char must be passed to a constructor of some kind to create a String object. Casting doesn't do that.

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    • spyder0101 disagrees : [0]No, a char is a primative, but a Character is an object.
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    As Ishnid said, the solution in general is to use ToString(), which should work with any of the library classes in any case. However, this line puzzles me:
    Originally Posted by Dakaa
    i was trying to cast maths operators (chars * / + -) to string [...]
    Just how were the operators represented (as chars or Characters, presumably), and what were you manipulating them for? Are you doing some sort of parsing of user input or of a source file of some nature?
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