This is a kind of a concepts question. I'm sure that those who have gone through large projects will have the complete vision that I'd like to know.

Before focusing in programming I need to be sure if Java is the best programming language I can choose for the development of a software that should at last implement next features:

Cloud based*
Serving many clients
Customized reports
Managing databases*
Communication with a GSM device*
Communication with Scadas by OPC or other means (UDP/UTP)
Some Math & Statistics analysis
Integrated to a CMS
User levels
Generate and send alarms by mail, sms*

Features marked with * are the ones I think I should start wiith from the very beginning.

Another question would be what cloud service to use.

I need to start from small by myself. In the future I could hire some help but I have to code the basics by myself. I only know C (that I don't use since more than 10 years) but plan to learn any language (just one). I feel very inclined to Pyhton by ScyPi and other math libraries but Im posting this to Java Forum as I understand that Java could be more convenient to this idea. Also by the fact that there are more people knowing Java than other programs so help would be easier to find or hire.

Thanks in advance for your help.