Hi, I have been trying to setup a proper datasource for my java SE applications. I have like 10 java se applications running as daemons on a solaris 10 server,. I want to create a datasource to establish a connection pool for these applications. I have read of Apache Commons DBCP, c3p0 and some others, however, the tutorials I have seen only show how to create a connection pool for each application and not globally for all the applications. This server also runs Apache Tomcat for a couple of web applications, so I thought, maybe I can use JNDI, but when checking, it is the same thing, you have to configure JNDI for each web application, so my question is, is there any datasource/connection pool solution I can use to establish it, and all my Java SE and Java EE will use? I would appreciate at least one link with a tutorial for this.