Hi, I recently installed OpenBSD 3.2 on my new server and also the following ports Jakarta Tomcat 4.0.5 with JDK 1.4.

I wanted to transfer the Java Servlets and JSP pages that I had working on my OpenBSD 3.1 with Resin machine to the new machine.

But my problem is that whenever I launch Tomcat, it would hang !
Java works fine and I have tested the JDK 1.4 installation. so the problem should be with the Java Server Tomcat.

So I tried installing Resin 2.1.4 , and then 2.1.5 all of them installed fine, but when I tried to launch the Resin Server. It also hung !!

I think there must be something with the permission or privilege settings of OpenBSD 3.2 that is stopping all my Java Server from running properly !

Can someone please give me some advise on how I can fix this ??