I'm working with RMI, the Server code I understand fully, however the
client code is causing a little headache.

The server needs to be able to invoke an object on a client at an abritary
time. This can be accomplished with making the client into an RMI server.

However, I don't want to have to bind the client to it's own rmiregistry,
binding it to the servers rmiregistry would be acceptable (security
concerns are not important!).

A work around would be to pass a JTextArea to the Server, and then the
Server can append messages- I couldn't get this to work though.

Does the exportObject code mean that a client can export objects - but not
needs to work as fully featured rmi servers (no registry?)
I've not been able to find code to demonstrate this, and don't fully
understand what the exportObject does?

Any helps would be much appreciated..