Hello I hope someone here can help me. No one in stackoverflow was able to help. Can someone help me?
Please forgive my lack of knowledge, sorry, I am new to this with spring.

I use jsp and spring mvc. I am unable to preserve the drop down list selection when a user posts back. For example, given the url below, notice I am able to post / send back the selected foodCategory of 4. I assume I need some sort of a 'form handler' but I am not sure what that is.


But the drop down list keeps showing value 1 which is bread, not vegetables.

Is there a way to resolve this? Jsp? Javascript? Jquery? I could not find a good answer searching on the internet.

Thank you in advance for any help

<form:form id="searchForm"
               onsubmit="return validateSearchForm()">          

. . .

<select name= "foodCategory" 
        id= "foodCategory" class="dropdown"
        value="${searchFormBean.foodCategory}"  >

<option  value="1">Bread</option>       
<option  value="2">Fruits</option>
<option  value="3">Meat</option>
 <option  value="4">Vegetables</option>
<option  value="5">Desserts</option>