Hello -
Are there any entrepreneurial servlet programmers in this discussion? I have several ideas for business and open source projects all extending a powerful servlet framework. The framework is called AspenOS and uses a mix of ideas derived from the iPlanet Portal Server and the old Sun.net Desktop portal. It is much more than a portal server; a portal server is but one potential app.

So far the system is over 35k lines of Java. AspenOS is proven to excel in my contracting and side projects. For the last 1.5 years I've been do-it-yourselfing; my ideas for future applications are too many and large for one person to accomplish with any semblance quality.

I am interested in collaborating with you on your projects and my own. My hope is to attract the masses of PHP and VB programmers to Java with the simplicity and power of AspenOS, while finally bringing my ideas into fruition through community support.

Here is a link to SourceForge, where the AspenOS Servlet Framework project lives.

Thanks for your time,