I'm not a Javascript programmer i just want to ask a simple question. I am looking for a java txt scroller applet that will take the data from a data file on a remote server instead of the same web server. Is it possible to make something like that or is there anything like that out there already?

For example the PARAM NAME="messageFile" will be on a different server than my site.

<applet code="Scroller.class" width="600" height="16">
<PARAM NAME="scroll" VALUE="left">
<PARAM NAME="fontSize" VALUE="12">
<PARAM NAME="foreground" VALUE="990000">
<PARAM NAME="background" VALUE="ffffff">
<PARAM NAME="textX" VALUE="0">
<PARAM NAME="textY" VALUE="0">
<PARAM NAME="fontName" VALUE="Arial-bold">
<PARAM NAME="pause" VALUE="20">
<PARAM NAME="wait" VALUE="200">
<PARAM NAME="textWidth" VALUE="550">
<PARAM NAME="textHeight" VALUE="20">
<PARAM NAME="highlite" VALUE="003399">
<PARAM NAME="targetFrame" VALUE="_self">
<PARAM NAME="defaultURL"VALUE="http://www.myhomepage.com/">
<PARAM NAME="messageFile" VALUE="http://www.MyOtherWebsite.com/scroller3.txt">

If anyone can help me then that will be great. Thanks