I am trying to write a simple servlet proxy. I have rebuilt the http request, and opened a socket to the server the content is on (always the same server). I then write the request to the server on a datainputstream. I think up to this point it is ok as apache is giving a 200 statur code to the request. My problem is that i dont know what to expect as a response from the server.

I tried :

String responseLine;
while ((responseLine = from_server.readLine()) != null) {
System.out.println("Server: " + responseLine);
}catch(Exception e){
System.out.println("exception " +e);


(NOTE server = new Socket(TARGET_HOST, TARGET_PORT);
from_server = new DataInputStream(server.getInputStream());

It just seems to sit there with no response.

I understand this is VERY vague but any suggestions as to an alternative way to do it would be appreciated. I know i could just use URL and URLConnections but i would like to retain the full HTTP request from the client. (more vagueness!)

If anyone knows what i am trying to say i would appreciate hearing your comments.