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    Unhappy Newbie question (my bad...) mm.mysql-2.02-bin.jar

    Ok, Im really a newbie at this so I ask for your patience and understanding

    Im trying to install the mm.mysql-2.0.2-bin.jar file on my tomcat installation on a virtual server FreeBSD. As I understand it, this is the JDBC driver for mysql, or one of them at least.

    I have searched and searched but cannot find clear instructions on where to put this file, or how to "register" the driver with my java installation. The mm.mysql jar file above is a binary and the only instructions were simply put it in your class path and youre ready to go. I may be stupid, but im not really sure how to determine exaclty where my class path is.

    The latest place I have placed it is in /tomcat/lib/ and also in usr/local/share/java/classes each of which directory contains a number of other jars. And then in my tomcat.properties it has:


    The only thing I can figure is that these are pointing to or at least are similar in some way to /usr/~www/conf/jserv/jserv.properties where these lines are found:


    and I added:


    Can anyone tell me if Im headed in the right direction here?? Am I completely in the dark ?? I really am a fan of reading the install and readme docs because you can learn a lot from them, but I feel like I keep hitting dead ends here...any suggestions and direction is much appreciated.

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    I may be wrong, but I don't thing you need to put your JAR file in any special place. You can put it anywhere, but you need to include it into the class path of the user who is running the servlet engine.
    E.g. If you are using C shell, you edit the .cshrc file with this line:
    setenv CLASSPATH ${CLASSPATH}:/path/to/jdbc/driver/filename.jar

    Then you should be able to load the driver from your Java code.

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