For the website of my kids I have a “mangle” Java applet so that the kids can mangle pictures of friends, parents etc. (see This is a Java Applet. Everything works fine but the kids can’t print the result of their mangling and can’t mail the deformed picture. And they would love to have that possibility too. The normal print function does not give the mangled picture but the original or (with some browsers) only a very rough copy of the mangled picture. Now of course you can copy with the Printscreen button and paste it with a paintprogramme but for these young kids it won’t work. I’m looking for a “press one button solution”. Now I don’t know anything about Java but I heard it could maybe done by saving the mangled image to a server side programme en then send it further. Now I’m looking for some-one who could fix this for me. I realize it is probably not so easy and I could pay something depending on the costs. Anyone willing to help please reply! The applet has three class-files based on three source files which I all have. Also if you know someone else who could do this or if you know a better forum for this question, please let me know.