I have this java applet that connects to a webserver and hits an ASP page. The ASP page runs some code then outputs some data. The applet is supposed to read this data and act accordingly, but it isn't reading the data even though it is hitting the webpage (checked the stats).

I am using the Java 1.1 compiler. Heres a version of the code I am using to connect to the page and read the output.

	public void CheckIfNew() {

		URLConnection objConn = null;
		DataInputStream strData = null;
		String strLine;

		try {

			objConn = this.strURL.openConnection();

			strData = new DataInputStream(objConn.getInputStream());

			while ((strLine = strData.readLine()) != null) {

				if (strLine.equals("End")) {
					// Chat has Ended

				if (strLine.equals("True")) {

					// Chat is Fresh


				if (strLine.equals("False")) {
					// Chat is Old


		catch (IOException e) {
			System.out.println("IO Error:" + e.getMessage());