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    form problem - reset select forms when one is selected...

    hi all,

    i have been browsing several javascript sites for the past few hours! and i couldn't find a solution.

    i have a form with different select fields.
    these are all dynamicaly generated from a mysql db.

    There are two problems:

    First: these select fields contain up to three different types of information.

    - size
    - color
    - accessoires

    However there are DIFFERENT kinds of sizes.
    Size Range A
    Size Range B
    Size Range C

    each range contains various numbers.

    let's assume we have 3 select fields on our page.

    one with color options.
    two with size ranges.

    whenever you select something from one sizerange, the other sizerange must reset to default!

    I would do this with an "onChange" event handler, but...

    and here comes problem number two!

    the select fields look like this:

    <select name ="id[]">
    <option value="" SELECTED>Choose:</option>
    <option value="{3}10">58</option>
    <option value="{3}11">60</option>
    <option value="{3}12">62</option>
    <option value="{3}13">64</option>
    <option value="{3}14">66</option>
    <option value="{3}15">68</option>
    <option value="{3}16">70</option>
    as you can see the select field has no special name! all have the name "id[]".
    this cannot be changed. i need this name for the shop system which is using this template.

    so even if i had a script which would reset the other select field, i would have no possibility to define WHICH is the select field to reset! since all names are equal.

    BESIDES: I generate the select fields from a php script! So all ADDITIONAL info beside "name" in the select tag is possible.

    i hope i describes this mess in an understandable manner! my mind is a mess... been thinking about this for hours...


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    Wrong forum. You want the JAVASCRIPT forum, not the JAVA forum. Happens all the time...

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