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    I read that PHP is better to use on small projects, but JSP is for big projects. I've noticed that on many big and small sites.

    the question is: Why learn php in the first place? I mean if you know jsp you can do small projects anyway.

    I'm just a newbie who thinks he started off learning wrong language.
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    that's a question that I think has a fairly unpleasant answer.

    I love PHP (and I have found some decent work developing in it) but in all reality if you want to make money and work on big paying projects JSP or ASP is the way to go. The debate I think goes farther than what is possible in each language.

    there are wonderful things about all of them but the fact is that companies trust proprietary software. when you're pitching a software solution it makes people more comfortable when you say "Sun" or "Microsoft". So until perceptions change you will make more money with JSP or ASP.

    however I learned programming logic with PHP and the limited OO functionality of PHP piqued my curiosity to more robust OO languages so personally I owe it a lot (it was the least frustrating language I had tried). also for small projects you will probably find that your development time is MUCH faster with PHP.
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    It's easier and cheaper to get hosting for php, too. It's just a more common language to have installed on a shared host.

    If you're setting up your own server, or have a hosting enviorment setup for J2EE, then there's no reason you couldn't do a smaller project with Java.

    I think php is an easier language to learn, personally. It's much simpler to get an environment running to do php development with than it is for jsp, because the environment is much, much simpler. This costs php some flexibility, but if you're just starting out, setting up a java development enviorment can be a rather large hurdle to get passed.
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    Why learn PHP over JSP?

    Well here is my input.

    I think if you can create small projects with PHP and get the grasp of server side programming you have gained alot. Once u have the concept of server side programming then move onto JSP. i think it will be alot easier.

    I actually knew java Applet, Application Programming then i learned PHP and JSPs came natural.

    As for real world as Stinkfist said when you do business a name like Microsoft or Sun makes u feel more comfortable.

    And bricker I cant disagree setting up Tomcat is a BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive got Apache2 and PHP working but just cant get Tomcat to work!!!!! It keeps throwing some exception no idea from where though.
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    I agree 100%. Everyone has brought up some very good points.

    PHP is very easy to learn and is much faster to develop with. Java is more robust and when things get large, its tighter structure - which is the very thing that hampers it in small projects - is what helps keep things managable.

    Like Shocka, I also learned basic Java applets and GUI, then PHP and finally Servlets/JSP. I don't regret knowing PHP at all and there are things it does that I like much better than Java. But where I work we deal with 6-7+ digit dollar amounts in our system. Programs grow very large and complex. I would never want to deal with that in PHP.

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