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    Lightbulb JSP - Writing to XML File

    I am in the process of converting ASP code to JSP, Java.
    There are so many Java classes to write to a file. At the present time I want to write XML to a file but which Java class should I use and how do I proceed?

    The following is ASP code.

    QUOT = Chr(34)
    CRLF = VbCrlf

    Response.ContentType = "text/xml"

    'create new file, overwriting any existing one
    Set objFile = objFSO.CreateTextFile(strFileName, True)

    'write XML page headings to file
    strLine = "<?xml version=" & QUOT & "1.0" & QUOT & " ?>"
    objFile.WriteLine strLine & CRLF

    strLine ="<AccessRequest xml:lang=" & QUOT & "en-US" & QUOT & ">"
    objFile.WriteLine strLine & CRLF

    strLine = " <AccessLicenseNumber>" & logLicense & "</AccessLicenseNumber>"
    objFile.WriteLine strLine & CRLF

    strLine = " <UserId>" & logUserId & "</UserId>"
    objFile.WriteLine strLine & CRLF

    strLine = " <Password>" & logUserPassword & "</Password>"
    objFile.WriteLine strLine & CRLF

    strLine = "</AccessRequest>"
    objFile.WriteLine strLine & CRLF

    The following JSP code creates the file. What should I do next?

    void WriteXMLTransHeader1()

    String strPathInfo = request.getServletPath();
    String strRealPath = getServletConfig().getServletContext ().getRealPath(strPathInfo);
    int intSlashIndex = strRealPath.lastIndexOf("\\");
    String strNewRealPath = strRealPath.substring(0, intSlashIndex + 1);
    String strDirectory = strNewRealPath + "UPSTrans";
    String strFileName = "Order" + logOrderId + "A" + ".xml";

    File f1 = new File(strDirectory, strFileName);

    System.out.println("File: Order" + strFileName + "created");


    Thanks for your help,

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    As you may or may not know, there are tons of Streams you can use for i/o in java. Sometimes that can seem daunting. What you want to use is a FileOutputStream or a FileWriter. There are minor differences between them and either should work. There is a BufferedOutputStream that buffers output so that writing to the hard drive is done in a more efficient manner. There is also a PrintStream for easy formatting of output.

    The nice thing about Streams is that they can be wrapped. So, you could make a FileOutputStream and wrap it in a BufferedOutputStream, and then wrap THAT in a PrintStream. This gives you the benefits of all. Here is an example I found on Suns site:

            PrintStream pStr = null;
            System.out.println("Entering try statement");
            int i;
            pStr = new PrintStream(
                      new BufferedOutputStream(
                         new FileOutputStream("OutFile.txt")));
            for (i = 0; i < size; i++)
                pStr.println("Value at: " + i + " = " + victor.elementAt(i));
    This example has the files name in a string for the FileOutputStreams constructor, but you can give it File object also. You should be able to use this with minor modifications.

    Stream tutorial
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