Hello all,

I've created a form that submits data to an action servlet. When I press the submit button the form uses response.encodeURL() call to process an action specified in an actions.properties file.

When I execute the form on my local machine, or over my LAN, everything works fine. When I send my files to my ISP and try to process the form, I get a "HTTP 405 - Resource not allowed" error .

What am I doing wrong ??

My form looks like this....

<form action = '<%= response.encodeURL("new-account-action.do") %>' method ='POST' name = "f1">

Main Artist ID <input type="text" name="artistname" size="40" >
Headline <INPUT type='text' name='headline' size="40">
Content <textarea rows="4" name="teaser" cols="35">
<INPUT type='submit' value='Submit News Item' >

And my properties file entry looks like this..


Thank you all in advance for your help !!