Hi all,
First of all please read the full article and then try to suggest me...
I want to make a java project on streaming video encryption. Where i will use two PCs 1 act like a media server and other act like a client. So a video file (example.avi) in server pc can be view by client pc.
I already worked with sockets and can send files over a LAN. But here my question is ->
I want to send the encrypted video Stream to the client PC and the Client then display the video.
The process is like.
*Client request a video file
*Server open the video file (in text mode or something else) and start encrypting and sending to client.
*Now client start receving and decrypting the data.
*And display the decrypted data as video
in details
*Connected to client
*Open the video file
*While Not EOF
*Read file content block
*Encrypt it
*Send encrypted block to the client
*End While
*Connected to server
*While True(Or something like that)
*Store the received encrypted data
*Decrypt it
*Display it as video
*End While
I do not need any source code for that. I just want to know that from where i can start this project. Any suggesstion will be helpful for me.
*Can connect two pc
*Can read files
*Can encrypt
*Can send data over LAN
*Can decrypt it
But how can i use the decrypted data and display it as video.
Thanks in advance..