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    Beginner Game Help

    Hello, I'm a 16 year old kid that just wants to start being productive... I learn things really fast so once i get a good guide i can start to not be a newcomer to this stuff but i'm just wondering what java program i should use on this, i have eclipse downloaded as my workspace


    Im going to be designing a game like that because of its easy graphic design and pixel art wont take that long. Suggestions on where to start and with what program like EE or what.

    (Sorry im a newcomer) Any help is greatly appreciated
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    If you have absolutely no programming experience, then it will take quite a while for you to be able to make even a simple game. I would recommend you to learn an 'easier' language first. Java isn't the easiest to learn as a first language in my opinion. You might want to try Python. Java enforces OOP, while Python lets you easily use either Functional or Object Oriented programming styles.

    If you do want to start off with Java, here's a link to some learning resources.

    If, however, you want to try Python, here's link to resources for learning about it.

    Generally, the language you end up using isn't that important. Having a clear and concise understanding of algorithms is all that matters (in my opinion). If you do learn Python first, switching to Java won't be that difficult. I'm only recommending it since it was designed to be easily read and understood.

    If you are really interested in making a game, try a simple text based one to start off. As soon as you try displaying graphics in any language, if you don't have a solid understanding of what you're trying to do, you'll fail at it. Even with a simple text based game you need to understand loops, if-statements, and input and output. So make sure you understand that to start with.

    Have fun.

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