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    [Homework] Do-While Try-Catch exception repeating

    Hello everyone, thank you for opening my topic.

    I am working on a very simple Exceptions-testing class.

    The program asks for Numerator and Denominator and then divides them and returns the quotient.

    I am trying to catch 2 exceptions. One of them is InputMismatchException (for non-numbers) and one of them is ArithmeticException (for dividing by 0).

    I am using Do-While so that when it catches, it will keep asking you until you get it correct.
    My issue at hand is this: when it catches the InputMismatchException, it constantly repeats the error message and the "Enter Numerator:" to no avail.

    This is because I have the Do-While being stopped after the Try has tried to get a numerator and denominator and carries out the rest, but the InputMismatchException is caught before it all executes. My code will help you understand better:

    import java.util.Scanner;
    import java.util.InputMismatchException;

    public class Quotient {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

    int dividend, divisor;
    Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);
    int keepTrying = 1;
    final int STOP_TRYING = 2;
    final int KEEP_TRYING = 1;

    System.out.print ("Enter the numerator: ");
    dividend = scan.nextInt();
    System.out.print ("Enter the denominator: ");
    divisor = scan.nextInt();

    System.out.println ("The fraction " + dividend + "/" +
    divisor + " is equal to " + intQuotient(dividend, divisor) + ".");
    keepTrying = STOP_TRYING;
    catch (ArithmeticException e)
    System.out.println("You cannot divide by zero!");
    catch (InputMismatchException e)
    System.out.println("You cannot divide by non-numbers or a number higher than 2,147,483,647.");


    // Converts a fraction to a decimal by dividing the numerator
    // by the denominator
    private static int intQuotient (int n, int d)
    int q = n / d;

    return q;


    Thank you all for reading. I tried to post the Pastebin link but, being a new account, I cannot post URLs. I look forward to all your responses!!!
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    Please edit your post and wrap the code in code tags to make the code easier to read.

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