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    [Homework] Monthly Pay ,problem with line spacing on printf

    I technically have 2 issues
    1)I do not know how to get the next line after my last name and Gross pay on the .txt file upon print.
    2. My net Pay is always a negative number

    Ways to fix my code are appreciated , point me in the direction where I am wrong.

    PHP Code:
    import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
    import java.io.*;
    import java.util.*;

    public class 
    Monthly_Paycheck {

        private static 
    double FederalIncomeTax 0.15;
        private static 
    double StateTax 0.035;
        private static 
    double SocialSecurityTax 0.057;
        private static 
    double MedicareTax 0.0275;
        private static 
    double PensionPlan 0.05;
        private static 
    double HealthInsurance 75;
        public static 
    void main(String[] argsthrows 
    // declares and initializes the variables  Brad Wilkins
    double GrossAmt,Federal,State,SocialSecurity,Medicare,NetPay,Pension,Health;
    String EmployeeName;
    String inputStr;
    String outputStr;
    // Input 
    inputStr JOptionPane.showInputDialog ("Please enter the monthly gross amount: ");
    GrossAmt Double.parseDouble(inputStr);

    EmployeeName JOptionPane.showInputDialog ("Please enter the employee name:");

    Federal GrossAmt*(.15);
    State GrossAmt*( .035);
    SocialSecurity GrossAmt*(.0575);
    Medicare GrossAmt*(.0275);
    Pension GrossAmt*(.05);
    Health GrossAmt - (75);
    NetPay GrossAmt-Federal-State-SocialSecurity-Medicare-Pension-Health;
    PrintWriter outFile = new PrintWriter("EmployeeMonthlyGross.txt");
    outFile.printf("Employees Name:" EmployeeName );
    outFile.printf("Gross Amount: %.2f %n"GrossAmt);
    outFile.printf("Federal Tax: %.2f %n"Federal);
    outFile.printf("State Tax: %.2f %n"State);
    outFile.printf("Social Security Tax: %.2f %n"SocialSecurity);
    outFile.printf("Medicare/Medicaid Tax: %.2f %n"Medicare);
    outFile.printf("Pension Plan: %.2f %n"Pension);
    outFile.printf("Health Insurance: %.2f %n"Health);
    outFile.printf("Net Pay: %.2f %n"NetPay);



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    My net Pay is always a negative number
    Print out the values of each of the variables subtracted from GrossAmt and see if their sum is greater than GrossAmt. For example: 10 - 6 - 6 is -2

    how to get the next line after my last name and Gross pay on the .txt file upon print.
    Sorry I do not understand the problem. Can you copy the program's output and paste it here and add some comments to it showing what is wrong and what it should be?

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