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    Help me please

    I have binart tree and ihave two method i can not solve them can anyone help ??
    this my code and the methods are
    public int less (int n)
    public int nth(int n)
    the first one return how many number less than n in tree
    the second return the element that found at location n
    if the tree sort in ascending order in array??
    public class BST
    { private BTNode<Integer> root;
      public BST()
      { root = null;
      public boolean find(Integer i)
      { BTNode<Integer> n = root;
        boolean found = false;
        while (n!=null && !found)
        { int comp = i.compareTo(;
          if (comp==0)
            found = true;
          else if (comp<0)
            n = n.left;
            n = n.right;
        return found;
      public boolean insert(Integer i)
      { BTNode<Integer> parent = root, child = root;
        boolean goneLeft = false;
        while (child!=null && i.compareTo(!=0)
        { parent = child;
          if (i.compareTo(<0)
    	  { child = child.left;
    	    goneLeft = true;
    	  { child = child.right;
    	    goneLeft = false;
        if (child!=null)
          return false;  // number already present
        { BTNode<Integer> leaf = new BTNode<Integer>(i);
          if (parent==null) // tree was empty
            root = leaf;
          else if (goneLeft)
            parent.left = leaf;
            parent.right = leaf;
          return true;
        public int less(int n ) // return how many number are less than n appear in tree
          if (root == null)
              return 0;
          int count;
          if (root.left == null) {
              return 1;
          count = 1;
          count += less();
          return count;
      public int nth(int n) // return the element that would be found at location n if the contents of the tree were stored in ascending order in an array; an exception of type NoSuchElementException should be thrown if such an element would not exist
          return n;
    class BTNode<T>
    { T data;
      BTNode<T> left, right;
      BTNode(T o)
      { data = o; left = right = null;
    thank you in advance
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    so what are your own thoughts on this? If you draw a binary tree and choose some number in between, how would you count the numbers less than it?

    Note that this is not a homework service. We can help you with concrete questions and ideas, but we won't write code for you (if that's what you expected).
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