So my problem is the following:

I'm using eclipse indigo, and i created a Enterprise Application Project called xxxEar. Then i created a EJB project (xxxEjb) adding it to the EAR project and creating the EJB Client Jar module to hold the client interfaces and classes (xxxEjbClient, xxxEjbClient.jar).

What i want with this is that every time i want to access the classes of the xxxEjb, i will do it using the interfaces in xxxEjbClient.

Now... in the xxxEjb i have 3 classes:

a simple User entity

public class User {
a UserCatalog to access the database

@LocalBean //no interface
public class UserCatalog {
    private EntityManager em;
    public void addUser(....) { ... }
    public User getUser(....) { ... }
and a UserHandler that implements the interface UserHandlerLocal of xxxEjbClient.

public class UserHandler implements UserHandlerLocal {
    private UserCatalog userCatalog;
        public User getUser(...) {...}
        public void addUser(...) {...}
in the xxxEjbClient project i have the interface:

public interface UserHandlerLocal {
        public void addUser(...) {...}
        public User getUser(...) {...}  // error! doesnt recognize User class
now here is the problem... The interface in the xxxEjbClient doesnt recognize the class User! I also have a Dynamic web application in the xxxEar and its all working to add the user in the database. Now after i added i was going to implement the getUser but to be honest i don't know how to do this... Is there a way to make the interface know the class User? Or do i have to make the method to return a Object so i can use in the web application?

Any tips? Thanks in advanced ^^