I'm working on a game with some basic graphics that uses Slick2D to handle animations. In order to display an animation I have to display an image that's both rotated and scaled, so I quickly discovered that none of the methods in the Animation class would work for me.

The solution I came up with was to draw the image at Animation.getFrame() (the animation's current image). To update the image I call the following lines of code:

System.out.println("Updating animation data...");


I added the a.setAutoUpdate() call to exclude the possibility that anything else was updating the animation at the same time.

What happens is this: Everything seems to run fine until "Updating animation data..." is printed out. Then the window the game is running in freezes and must be force exited. "...done!" never prints out.

This tells me the code is freezing on "update". Can anyone help me figure out why??