Hi everyone,
I really need your help...
I'm trying to solve a problem, I get two integers (n and k) in input: I have to create a 3^n x 3^n array and divide this in 9 3^(n-1) x 3^(n-1) blocks. Using recursion I'm able to obtain (in case of n = 2) 3 blocks of 3x9 arrays but I'm unable to obtain a complete 9x9 array...
Here is the code:

public void stampante(int nCurr) {
if (nCurr == 0) //esponente corrente
System.out.print(mat[0][0].c); // se la matrice e unitaria stampa il carattere assegnato
} else {//altrimenti cicla la matrice e richiama la stampa su ogni sottomatrice
for (int i = 0; i < mat.length; i++) {

for (int j = 0; j < mat[0].length; j++) {
mat[i][j].stampante(nCurr - 1);

Please help!!