Hi !
I'm relatively new to Java and have to write a program which allows to order pizza, sandwiches with different toppings and beverages.
I have to write a class for Pizza, for Sandwiches, for Beverages, an interface called Fooditem (so that one has not do differ between Foods and Beverages), a class Food (which contains attributs that are the same for sandwiches and pizza), a class Order and a class Menu.

I could mostly handle the first classes, but I have my problems with the Menu class:

public class Menu
Represents a menu of FoodItems.
public Menu()
Creates a new menu.
public void addFoodItem(FoodItem item)
FoodItem item the FoodItem to add
public void listMenu()
shows a numbered list of all FoodItem objects in this menu.
public FoodItem chooseFoodItem()
Reads user input (a number) from the keyboard.
return the FoodItem with the given number or null if the user input was 0.
public Order order()
Displays the menu to the user and asks the user to select FoodItems by
number until the user inputs 0.
return the complete Order of all FoodItems the user selected.
public String toString()
return a String representation of a Menu
These are the specifications for the class, but I don't really know how to fill it. I know that I need a Scanner for the user input but I feel lost with those instructions.
Can somebody help?