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    Basic questions on the javascript prompt

    i got this in my code and it prompts the user to enter their name.

    prompt('What is your name?','name');

    1) how i can put a message in the dialog box's title bar
    2)how can i get rid of the "javascript prompt:" message in the main body
    3) how can i make it so the cancel button when clicked will send you to a specific html

    thanx in advance
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    var HTML = '', username = null, start;
    username = prompt('What is your name?','name');
    if (username != null)
    HTML += '<span id="hello" style="left:-200px;font-size:2px;">Hi '+ username+ ' ! Welcome to our Homepage!</span>';
    else location = url;

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    1 & 2) I'm 99% sure you can't change the title bar in the dialog box or the javascript prompt: in the main body.

    3) When the user clicks Cancel, prompt() returns null. So if you assign a var to prompt() ie:

    var result = prompt('What is your name?','name');

    check for null in result, and then direct the user to the appropriate page.

    Edit: I didn't mean to repeat what mrrichardfeder wrote, but rather than delete this post, I thought it might help to leave it.
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