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    Methodologies for custom clothing selection


    I'm possibly going to be working on a project to create a clothing store where users can customise suits & shirts by changing options such as cuff patterns, number of pockets, button position, main colour etc. Each garment will be customised separately and there are a great many options, some of which are dependant on other options and when they are selected an image on screen gets updated.

    I can think of how to build this but what I'm really after is what methodologies or practises that would be best suited to working on this and allow extra configuration options in the future?

    I ask as I'm more of a PHP developer but have got quite a bit of experience working with jQuery, just not so much on the methodologies that can go with coding in JavaScript. I have been looking into this a little and was thinking some kind of pub / sub would be helpful but I really wanted some advice of people more experienced in jQuery than I.

    Thanks for any and all replies in advance!
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    Maybe, you could have specific base swatch images (maybe certain suit/shirt colors) and draw them onto a canvas; then alter the base swatch images (that have already been drawn on the canvas) with: cuff patterns, number of pockets, button position (with static images of the options or draw dynamic shapes/patterns/etc.); by drawing them onto the canvas (per the user's option selections). Or... if you only have specific pre-fabricated styles/color/patterns/etc. (like only a limited style line), then just take still pics of these specific suits/shirts and set-up swatch images / swatch options to change the src of a preview image. Or... you could also look into doing this with flash; I have seen lots of sites use flash apps for things like this, as well. These are just some ideas, off the top of my head; hope some of these "methodologies" are of some help... good luck.

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