I need a simple moveTo animation, now I had it working in IE and NS4, but not NS7. After some help on another forum, DHTML now works in NS7 as well, however now IE and NS7 display the animation incorrectly. The logo is supposed to move from off screen at the left, to the upper right hand corner, but move horizontally. Currently it displays properly in NS4, but in NS7 and MSIE it moves diagonally. For the life of me I don't know how to fix this, I've only been doing DHTML for about a week, and java for two.
I need this problem solved asap, as its for a client (Shes one of the reasons I am learning DHTML....)

the links to the pages are:

its the "goddess" div item that has problems.

All help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
(Oh, and about the color choice, curser trails, etc....blame the client...gah!)