As a newcomer to DHTML and Javascript, I am looking for some example code. What I need to accomplish is:

1 - To have a table (table2) slide down from behind another table (table1):

Table one will be a sliced graphic for a jukebox player with rows containing real player control functions (SEE ROW ONE CODE) both music and video. More rows will be added:


<H4>Music</H4><EMBED SRC="music1.rpm" CONSOLE=video1 WIDTH=44 HEIGHT=26 NOJAVA=true CONTROLS=PlayButton> <EMBED SRC="music1.rpm" CONSOLE=music1 WIDTH=26 HEIGHT=26 NOJAVA=true CONTROLS=StopButton>

Row2 CODE:
<H4>Video 2</H4><EMBED SRC="video2.rpm" CONSOLE=video2 WIDTH=44 HEIGHT=26 NOJAVA=true CONTROLS=PlayButton> <EMBED SRC="video2.rpm" CONSOLE=video2 WIDTH=26 HEIGHT=26 NOJAVA=true CONTROLS=StopButton>

Table 2 (The slide down) will be the master control ImageWindow
for the Realone (or earlier) Player

<EMBED SRC="music1.rpm" CONSOLE=_master WIDTH=176 HEIGHT=128 NOJAVA=true CONTROLS=ImageWindow>

Essentially I need to add code to make the playerwindow slide down when the embedded controls are clicked in table one. It must stay on open until a closewindow button is pushed.

Anyone have any simple ideas on this one, or some sample code I can plugin or play with?

All help greatly appreciated.

Paul Harris