Hi, I'm not very good with Javascript and need help with a small problem please.

The aim is to insert an image using IE. Chrome works fine, no trouble, just IE has a problem.

I can only insert the image using IE if I have a blank space and select it, then it works.

How do I make the cursor stay so that the image gets place in the form?

<script type="text/javascript">
function IFO() {RT.document.designMode = 'On';}

// -- problem area
// -- Will not insert at cursor position in IE. 
function IMG() {var imgSrc = prompt('Enter image location', ''); if(imgSrc != null) { RT.document.execCommand('insertimage', false, imgSrc);}}
// -- end problem area
function submit_form() {var theForm = document.getElementById("wyfm"); theForm.elements["Entry"].value = window.frames['RT'].document.body.innerHTML; theForm.submit();}

//  End -->
I hope someone can come up with an answer.

Thanks you in advance.